Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee complete work on any bike you buy from our store. We even guarantee our work on bikes we don't sell as long as they were originally purchased from an Independent Bicycle Dealer. Our guarantee means you only pay for our service once. If you're not satisfied, we will continue to diagnose and service your bike for FREE (up to 30 days after the original service), until it's right as long as the problem is specifically related to our service.

Bike Repair Services
Full service repair shop with experienced, trained mechanics.  Tune-ups, upgrades, and anything else you might need.  We pride ourselves on offering quick turnaround for commuters! 

The Basic Tune is for when your whole bike needs a little attention.
We call this a basic adjustment tune.

Service includes:
• Solvent clean chain
• Detail clean both derailleurs
• Detail clean cranks
• Correct torque specification for bottom bracket
• Correct torque specification for cranks
• Shifter and derailleur adjustment
• Lube cable and housing for derailleurs

Complete Tune-Ups $40
• Complete Bike Clean-up
• Precision Bottom Bracket Adjustment
• Precision Brake Adjustment
• Chain Lubrication
• Precision Gear Adjustment
• Headset Adjustment
• Hub Adjustment
• Wheel Truing

Fitting Services
Bike fit is extremely important, whether you are a recreational rider or training for a big event.  We offer services ranging from basic bike sizing to fully certified and guaranteed BG fits.

Our Services